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Campaign Initiatives

Thanks to those who generously supported Growing Brilliantly, trees will flourish locally and around the world.

Trees make life better for people. In urban areas, communities with abundant trees are appealing places to live and work, to raise families, and to grow older. Residents of areas with healthy trees tend to enjoy higher property values and better overall health.

In neighborhoods, trees shade and shelter homes and absorb water from storms. These services save people money.

In the wild, trees and forests create places of breathtaking beauty where people go to enjoy solitude and find peace.

Although trees provide many benefits, trees are finding it difficult to thrive in a modern world. Access to  room to grow freely, quality soil, plentiful water, a steady climate, and good care diminish in an urban environment.

Trees need champions to ensure they continue to make life green, healthy, and beautiful for future generations.

Because of the generous support received through the $63 million Growing Brilliantly campaign, which concluded December 31, 2018, trees have more champions than ever before. The Morton Arboretum is now better equipped to study, protect, and preserve trees for future generations. Thank you to the generous donors and members who joined us in pursuit of our mission to plant and protect trees for a greener, healthier, and more beautiful world.