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Tree Conservation Programs

Scientists at The Morton Arboretum tend to a tree in a research plot.

Protect trees at home ... and around the world

Tree Conservation Programs rely on research from the Center for Tree Science at The Morton Arboretum, as well as other leading research institutions. These conservation efforts extend from preserves, parks, and private yards in the Chicago region to trees and forests around the world.

Improve the quality of trees and forests for all who live in the seven-county Chicago region. The Chicago Region Trees Initiative, led by the Arboretum and other partners, helps private landowers and municipal governments plant the right trees in the right locations and provide expert care as they grow. Trees are critical to the quality of life in our communities and neighborhoods. You can build a Chicagoland that is rich in this natural resource so all may benefit.

When you support Tree Conservation Programs, you also protect the world's trees from extinction. The Global Tree Conservation Program at the Arboretum builds partnerships around the world that safeguard trees in the wild and preserve them in the collections of arboreta and botanical gardens.